Celebration and holiday in Tordandrea

    The castle's most important holidays, linked to religious holidays and who involved the entire population, were those of St. Bernardino, parish's patron; of St. Rocco and St. Sebastiano, protectors from the plague, frequent disease of the medieval age. At the end of fifteenth century, in St. Bernardino's holiday (may, 20 ), the Tower Council used to elect a Capitain with an Ensign and fifteen soldiers for the purpose of having a party with gun fires. The biggest costs were for "to eat and to drink".


January, 17: Abbot St. Antonio

January, 20: Martyr St. Sebastian

February, 3: Martyr and Bishop St. Blaise

February, 10: Bishop St. Desiderio

March, 19: St. Giuseppe

May, 8: St. Michele Archangel

May, 20: St. Bernardino (main town's protector)

June, 13: St. Antonio of Padova

June, 16: Martyr St. Quirico

June, 24: Nativity of St. John Baptist

August, 11: Bishop of Assisi St. Rufino

August, 15: St. Rocco (co-protector)

October, 4: St. Francis

October, 8: St. Simeone (co-protector)